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At the beginning of the year, listed Mountain View in the top 20 most boring towns in AR, boy how they got that wrong. If you want to call quality family time like camping, fishing, listening to the talented musicians picking on the square, boring; then yes most people in Mountain View would be Okay with that. But, I think you would be hard pressed to tell that to a kid that just went through the Loco Ropes course, or a motorcyclist that just listened to Hwy 9 South in the parking lot of wing shack, or even a competitor in the Syllamo’s Revenge bike race. The fact is Mountain View per capita is one of the most exciting places you can visit.

Blanchard Springs Caverns, just outside of town, has been invigorating minds since it was opened to the public in 1973. Now, with the opening of the Wild Cave Tour, you can take a 12 year old on an adventure they will not soon forget, through some of the undeveloped sections of the caverns. Such an adventure would be hard for me to conceive as being boring. I guess some people are just to jaded to consider such adventures as exciting.

Another “boring” thing I found in Mountain View, was the Ozark Folk Center Craft Village, where they preserve the Ozark crafts, such as pottery-making and blacksmithing. Guests can tour the craft village, or even pick up a lesson on playing the dulcimer, while waiting on one of many Daytime Concerts the folk center has to offer. While one cant expect a “Kiss” style production, I would think even Gene Simmons would walk away from one of the performances with a smile, and a few new songs in his heart.

We already established that most Mountain View residents would be alright with fishing as boring. But in Fairness to the sport, all fishing is not Huck-fin, cane pole, sleeping with a small brim on the line for a light lunch. Some of the greatest guides await visitors that want to see what true excitement on the white river can be.  All one has to do for great entertainment is contact Jack’s or Anglers, and ask for one of their expert fishing guides.

Here in Mountain View we may just be to simple to realize what constitutes “not boring”, but we know how to have a good time. Yes we race outhouse here, Yes we have some of the largest family friendly festivals in the area, and yes finding things to do at 2:00 in the morning may be a stretch, but Mountain View is a blast for families and retirees, and if that makes us boring, have fun doing your fun stuff, and I will have fun doing Mountain View.